My passion for skincare began as a teenager when I had severe acne. I learned first hand how facing the world can be difficult when when your self esteem is affected about how you feel about yourself. I began my career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist over 25 years ago and loved to help teens and women feel beautiful. But, I wanted to know how to care for the skin properly instead of covering up imperfections and flaws.

I attended The Skin Care Center in Northern Virginia and post graduate training at the International Dermal Institute. I began working in spas and loved every second of it but soon realized I wanted to learn how to help people with their skin with more of a medical approach.

Soon after, I began working as a medical esthetician for a dermatologist, Dr. Terri Morris who had a medical and cosmetic practice. She is one of my greatest mentors and taught me how to identify and treat skin types and conditions with many different techniques, products and lasers. This was by far the greatest training of my career and I learned so much from her.

14 years later, I was a licensed Esthetician in 4 states, owned my own skincare studio, worked at several spas and doctor’s offices. But, again I found myself wanting more ways to help people. When a dear friend who was going through cancer treatments needed help with her skin I got extensively trained in Oncology skincare. I also learned more alternative modalities like Gua Sha, Reiki, lymphatic drainage, and aromatherapy.

I have always had a strong holistic belief using herbs, aromatherapy and eating healthy. Knowing the body is connected, you can’t treat one part without it impacting another. With all of my experiences and people I have met in the skincare field, I’ve developed a method that gives results in a natural, holistic way. With my husbands help, support, and website talent we created Alternative Skincare and Wellness; a holistic approach to healthy skin and well-being. A lot of factors to one’s well-being including diet, stress, illness, medications and sleep all play apart for skin health.

When you come in for a facial, I will look at your body as a whole to treat your skin holistically. You will experience a relaxing environment that you can escape from everyday life and leave with glowing skin. You will feel lighter, relaxed, and rejuvenated within your mind, body, and soul.