What is that tool you are using in my facial?

If you get a facial from me, you will find that I love using tools and customizing each facial based on what your skin needs that day. I often get asked what the spatula tool is that I use.  I wanted to share with you what it is and how it works.

It is called the Ultrasonic Spatula and it works with sounds waves, 25,000 to 28,000 vibrations per a second. I use it to do a deep cleanse on your skin; kind of like power washing. It works with the water and/or enzyme exfoliation applied first and with the vibration. It does a fantastic exfoliation and deep cleanse. I also use it for pain free extractions especially for my teen clients or people who are very sensitive to the removal of blackheads. It is highly effective, but extremely gentle and can be used on any skin type even the most sensitive and Rosacea skin conditions.

Another great feature of this particular model that I use in my treatment room, is it also helps penetrate product into the skin. This works with whats called “sonophoresis”, which means that the vibration causes causes spaces in the epidermis to open between the skin cells that allows an increased penetration of the serum, peptides, or creams applied to the skin. The ultrasonic vibration helps the transdermal delivery of the products used.

Using this tool in my facials is an effective way to give you the best treatment possible and help you meet your skincare goals.

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I attended Esthetic school at The Skin Care Center in Northern Virginia and knew this is what I was ment to do with my life. I began working in spas and loved every second of it but soon realized I wanted to help people with their skin with more of a medical approach. In 20 years of experience, I have owned my own spa, worked for several spas and doctor's offices and now work for a skin care company. In 2014 I was named on of the top 10 Aesthetic Executives with the largest network in the industry, Aesthetic Everything.

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