Sagging neck aka Turkey Neck

As we get older the skin on our neck tends to start sagging aka Turkey Neck. This can be a frustrating problem and make us look way older than we really are but before you run to the plastic surgeon read this.

As we age the collagen and tissue under our skin gets thinner making the skin not as tight as it use to be. Some of it can be genetic so time to look at pictures of your family members. So, what can be done? Well, tightening the muscles around the neck can help. Move your head forward as you look straight ahead repeat this 20 times a day or lay on your back and lift your head off the floor slightly. This will help strength your neck muscles I do them daily.

Another option is using products that will tighten the skin, this happens over time and is not an over night fix so if you don’t see results right away don’t give up!! Look for products containing DMAE, Co-enzyme Q10, Matrixyl 300 and Peptides. These ingredients stimulate collagen production and firms the skin on the face, neck and upper chest. The one I love is the Hydrating Peptide Cream found here

turkey neck

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